Stepping Stones Pre-School


Stepping Stones Preschool is a non-denominational, not-for-profit preschool. We are located in the beautiful, historical town of Seneca Falls, NY at The United Methodist Church on Chapel Street. Our focus is on Kindergarten readiness made fun. We base our curriculum on the skill set required by the local school district for all children entering Kindergarten. We have aligned our curriculum with NYS Standards and the National Common CORE.
We at Stepping Stones Preschool believe that all children should be provided with a loving and home-like environment. Although we are a preschool, our goal is to provide each child with the same quality of care that we give to our own children.
Welcome to Stepping Stones Preschool. We sincerely hope that your experience with us is rewarding. Our mission is to provide a quality preschool education in a warm, friendly and fun environment.
We offer a 3 day program which is geared towards three year-olds, and a 5 day program for four year-olds who are preparing to enter Kindergarten the following fall. We offer a wide variety of teacher directed group activities including literacy, reading (large and small group, buddies, and audio), math, science, art, music, cultural awareness, free play, and physical fitness.

PRESCHOOL GROUP: Program for 3 year-olds
9:00 AM – 11:30 AM

KINDERGARTEN READINESS :Program for 4 year-olds
9:00 AM – 11:30AM
Our Space
The school is setup in different learning center spaces. The centers change with the seasons of the year and monthly themes. Each of our Learning Centers is designed to allow the children to direct themselves during their play. The centers encourage the children to experience learning through play and teach them to socialize and lead each other in their small group activities. Teachers join the children in play as they observe, supervise and assess the children.
Learning as Play
We offer a book nook where the children will read, listen and respond to many genres of literature from poetry to non-fiction, allowing them to develop reading skills including vocabulary, reading comprehension, letter knowledge, and sound recognition; a manipulative area where children develop and build upon small motor skills, problem solving and social skills as they work together in small groups; dramatic play area where children learn how to creatively express ideas and feelings in a group setting, role-play real life situations within a theme-related context, and gain invaluable language, communication and social skills that lead to future academic success; math and science areas where children will extend their curiosity about the world around them and their interest in natural phenomena while they count, group, weigh, measure, make patterns, explore shapes and make comparisons between sets, as well as using their senses with various theme related objects allowing children to develop cognitive skills such as patterning, number recognition, counting, graphing, solve problems and make predictions related to various nature and science concepts; art area for non-directed drawing and coloring where children can paint, draw, and create artwork using a variety of materials and supplies, which allows them to express their creativity, discover colors and shapes, and implement their imagination; a listening center with task-based learning activities that emphasize listening and retention which help students oral language skills and translate to reading and writing fundamentals, and provides additional skill building and allows them to manipulate the book and investigate images on their own; and a computer center where children are taken to teacher-approved websites (i.e., where children practice and further develop their hand-eye coordination, self-help skills, as well as numbers, colors, shapes, and letters.
A Look at Our Day
Monday/ Friday: 9:00AM Free/Choice Play, 9:15AM Morning Circle/ Read Aloud, 9:45AM Letter of Week, Number of Week, 10:15AM Snack, 10:30AM Find the Shape (Center Activity), 11:00AM Sight Word (Kindergarten Readiness Work), 11:15AM Goodbye Circle, 11:30AM Dismissal
Tuesday: 9:00AM Free/Choice Play, 9:15AM Morning Circle/ Read Aloud, 9:45AM Discovering Different Environments (Morning Center), 10:15AM Fruity Heart Delight (Kids In Kitchen) /Snack, 10:35AM The Weather is Just Fine (Sing-Along Center), 10:45AM Weekly Weather Report (Extended Activity), 11:15AM Goodbye Circle, 11:30AM Dismissal
Some of the children’s other favorite learning activities include Freeze Dance, Bug/Bug/Spider, Porcupine Painting, and Name Hide-n-Seek.
To Contact Us

Katharine Smith
Director/Head Teacher

Jenny Humphreys
Financial Supervisor/Teacher Aide